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The Musings of a Mouse

Mmmmmm, cheese

27 August 1974
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  • cedar1974
I'm just an regular Joe with an regular job...wait no that's not me! I am anything but regular, and my name isn't Joe. My name is Cedar and I am a furry...god I feel like I'm at an AA meeting...I've been in the fandom since before the internet, back when you dialed up a BBS and got your Furry Art and RP that way. Yes, that was a long time ago,almost 15 years now., that's nearly half my life. Why did I finally break down and decide to get an LJ account? You know I have no idea to be honest, but I have several friends who are on LJ and I figures WTF. I don't plan on turning this into an EMO page but maybe just a bit of a look into who and what I am. Who knows, I might even fine a few friends of a more intimate nature. Well, that's enough out of me.